No More New Year’s Resolutions! Whew.

There are far too many people studying whether New Year’s Resolutions work or not. I’m not one of them.

As someone who has either attended or taught in K-12 and university for 40 years, January 1 means little to me. Labour Day is the start of my new year. Even in years when I wasn’t teaching or attending school, I would have trouble sleeping on that Labour Day Monday night, electrified with anticipation of the coming semester.

So when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve never been compelled to use this month as a petri dish for the new me, or a new version of me in all my work, family, friend, life relationships.

So instead of encouraging the high stakes of making your resolutions work, or encouraging you to not beat yourself up for failing to achieve them, let’s think about process.

Let’s think about optimizing your work-life-vocation-volunteering balance, which is my Path Consulting model. And not just this month, but going forward. Because frankly, it’s not like you have never addressed your balance!

And even though it is January, working on optimizing balance in your life doesn’t have to be tainted with the “New Year’s Resolution” baggage.

You don't have to portage your canoe on your own! I've got your back.
You don’t have to portage your canoe on your own! I’ve got your back. [“End of the Portage” – Winslow Homer]
That’s why Path Consulting exists year-round. Take a look at the what goes into Path Consulting, and let’s roll up our sleeves to smooth out the bumps in your life.

But the better metaphor is portaging. You paddle your canoe, but when you hit the rapids you need to portage: carry it beside the rapids until you get to smoother waters. Or when you’re canoeing over long distances, from lake to lake, you need to portage over land. But you don’t need to portage on your own. I’ve got your back!

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