Going Paperless, But Keeping “Paper”?

Chelsea’s sugar sheet swatchbook!

I’ve been so eager to go paperless for so long. I love books and BC’s value-added wood products, and toilet paper is pretty useful, but being a granola-eating tree-hugger means I’d love to keep the forests thick and wild.

And I recycle paper like a maniac. I’m NOT obsessive, but I really dig in.

But when I do need to print something–which is rare–I will use paper.

But not anymore. We are paperless now, but we are still using “paper.”

Here’s how.

It all started at a Sustainable Vancouver Meetup event in June. Its title was “How a family business puts sustainability front and centre.”

Minto Roy and Chelsea Gieschen came from Royal City Printers in New Westminster to talk about how as a multi-generational family printing company, they’ve…moved off of trees.

Instead, they use paper made from sugar cane. Sugar cane, yes, and actually what’s discarded when sugar is processed. I love it.

So I cruised by Royal Printers to pick up a box of printer paper, thereby saving half a tree. Did I mention that I love trees?

There is a sugar sheet swatchbook is available, for you to get a sense that there is a variety of paper stock available.

I’m going to put this in the category of “literally the least we can do” to start or continue making a difference with our environmental footprint.

So stop buying paper!

You’ll feel so good.

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