8 Days to 2018 – We Wish You A…What?

The True Meaning of Christmas

I’ve been thinking about this comic for days. Especially when people in organizations keep flipping out about whether to wish people a Merry Christmas or alternates. And Starbucks cup controversies, and the wisdom in this flowchart:

The Character Therapist: Merry Christmas vs. Merry Winter Solstice?

This guy was always my favourite reindeer. Regardless of the politics of what to say to whom and when, and how not to be unintentionally ironic, we need to reflect on intention a bit here.

Seinfeld suggested “you are so good looking” as a way more socially productive thing to say when someone sneezes.

Intentionality again.

With 8 days left in 2017 and with Christmas tomorrow [or now if you’re over there], we want to express our hopes for people to be happy. I get that.

But growing up I was always saddened by how easy it is for our society to switch back to poor bashing, selfishness and social decay just days after Christmas. Then Boxing Day sales turned into Boxing Week mayhem. Then Black Friday and Cyber Monday degradations bookended the season. No wonder Buy Nothing Day won’t go away.

Why can’t people keep the Christmas spirit for 52 weeks of the year. As an innocent kid I really thought I’d figure out the answer to that when I grew up. I don’t like the answer, it turns out. Then I picked up a couple political science degrees and I like all of the extra-grueling answers even less.

So, to bring it all home:

  1. Meta Christmas means the process of seeking and sharing meaning at this time of year may be most important in all of it.
  2. Intent matters and we shouldn’t waste time trying to see if we should feel offended.
  3. The 52-week dignity thing where we hope people’s lives are better: that, THAT, is the elusive thing we should spend time on. Then we act on manifesting that hope.

In 2018, [as I’m remembering back to what I wrote yesterday] tip your servers more, but in 2018, tip them another Christmastime big tip. “Why?” they will ask. Like most others, they have Christmas/whatever debt to pay off.

Plus, it will remind you that we need to put in that kind of work to recognize and enhance dignity for 52 weeks.

Every hour of work I do in 2018 is all about organizational development, stakeholder engagement, green energy, Path Consulting, Health and Wellness for Teachers, Modern Labour Activism…all the things, all the ways of ensuring I hit all 3 of those home run ideas above.

Frankly, my time is worth too much to do anything that doesn’t meet those goals.

How about you? Dig in and join me.

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