6 Days to 2018 – What Could Boxing Day Mean?

I recently saw Give Back Box‘s website. It’s not available in Canada, unlike Boxing Day being a stat for many people, along with many other Commonwealth countries.

While Boxing Day/Week sales seem to be precursor to Black Friday blowout sales, the origins of Boxing Day were about some kind of charity from the 1% to the servant class. Not necessarily as simplistic as taking the boxes left over from Christmas presents and packaging things for the help, I think about the box invasion of Christmas.

Give Back Box isn’t tied to Christmas, but refers to using various boxes that come from online retailers, then filling them with items of value for donating to charity, then getting free shipping to send them off.

But here’s a mission for you, if you choose to accept it as we wind down 2017 and set up for 2018.


If you have a box, fill it with things others could use: clothes you don’t wear much, household items you aren’t using, things you like but could also be called clutter by a dispassionate observer. Step 2: send to charity.

Decluttering your home has profound mental health benefits, and ensures that on your way to a more minimalist lifestyle, you share what you don’t need with those who simply need.

Without using Give Back Box’s model necessarily, all of us could be inspired by any box that enters our home with a mission to pay them forward with what we can fill them. And as a social enterprise, Give Back Box provides IT and logistics services to charities, using box re-purposing as a social good. Sorry for the groan, but you can also think outside of the box by appending a social purpose/activity to your organization, regardless of what you do.

Meanwhile, spend some time in days remaining in 2017 to do a purge. And next year, whenever you flip over your calendar month [if you still have those paper calendar things we hang on walls], look around for the lonely boxes in your life, to re-purpose them.

Make 2018 a year of more intentionality with your “stuff,” as George Carlin puts it.


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