2 Days to 2018 – Who Is Your Number One?

You are the consequence of the health of your soul, your integrity, your relationships and your vision.

All of these things are profoundly important, but so often they get subsumed by how we assert ourselves instead of how we live out loud.

I love saying it, even though it can sound greeting card sometimes, but we ARE human beings, not human doings.

Our capacity is constructed by how we choose to live, and those around us.

Who is your Number One? The person who has your back and helps make it all make sense on foggy days.

It is likely NOT the person who builds you up and rolls in your podium or tells you that you’re number one. It’s the person who helps define our identity.

Then I read this piece in the Times the other day, about how self-compassion is more important than self-confidence. Fake it until you make it works sometimes, often maybe. But in the end, the bedrock we build our lives upon comes from those who lift us up as human beings, not human doers. Those who remind us of self-compassion BECAUSE they model it for us, to us.

There are only 2 days left until 2018. Who is your Number One? Who is the person who helps remind you of who you actually are? And are you doing all you can to nurture this relationship, not for the sake of your confidence and your success, but for the reason why you do it all anyway: for your integrity and your relationships and your principles of what you want to make of this world.

Spend these last 2 days mapping out how you can enrich that relationship with your Number One. Don’t let it get lost on Monday, then Tuesday, then January, then it’s February and too late to keep from missing out on December 30 and December 31.

These last 2 days are precious. Embrace them!

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