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E~B Strategy Turns 5!

Welcome to 5?


It’s a deeply strange time to be celebrating a 5-year anniversary in the midst of a global pandemic, an economic recession flirting with a depression, deepening climate collapse, #BlackLivesMatter and #IdleNoMore and other groups confronting massive widespread increased levels of anxiety and dread, and a deep desire to avoid the United States of America.

On one hand, arguably, I’m no longer a startup, but these days we are all startups, trying to navigate in this open-ended pandemic.

I’ve watched projects and ideas come and go. Becoming a #Prosci-certified Change Managementor has been the most powerful certification of my life. From teaching high school and university to now, all education is Change Management. Now all the work I do fits the Prosci framework, including

  1. More co-op development
  2. Health and Wellness for Teachers becoming BEYOND Health and Wellness for Teachers
  3. Path Consulting taking on new, existential meaning as people’s jobs, vocations and future plans are in more flux.

I know it is hard to imagine the future.

I know 5 weeks and 5 months are hard enough to predict, let alone 5 years down the road.

But these days I’m back in my startup mindset because the world demands it.

I’m certainly grateful that I’m carrying a Prosci mentality forward. It is keeping the dread to a minimum! 🙂

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