Unconference2017 Companion


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Today is a grand day, a grand week!

A time of invention, vision, relationship, connection, inspiration, process and embracing greatness.

#Unconference2017 is your moment. You will make it vibrant. How could you not?!

This Primer is for you. In it, you will get:

  1. My Executive Coaching guidance on developing a vibrant mentor/protege network,
  2. My Executive Coaching overview of developing a social media amplification team, and building interdependent relationships with values-aligned social enterprises and non-profits,
  3. A free 30-minute Skype consultation to dig into the above for your ventures,
  4. A 50% off [sharable] promo code for Path Consulting, my Executive Coaching Program for innovators and indispensables.
  5. A bonus epilogue about artifacts, which likely fill your spaces already.

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