Keep Moving Forward

The COVID19 era is a deeply destabilizing time.

Path Consulting in the COVID19 Era: It’s one thing to be juggling your work-life-vocation-volunteering balance in regular times. But now all bets are off. This pandemic is forcing change whether we want it or not.

Path Consulting is all about being intentional with your life. As a Prosci-certified Change Managementor I work with you to be proactive with forced change, while carving out where you can control change. Let’s work together to Keep Moving Forward. Video sessions until the pandemic lets us meet in person. I’ve got your back: book my time here.

BEYOND Health and Wellness for Teachers: too often governments tell teachers how to improve their health and wellness while cutting the K-12 and post-secondary budgets to sickening degrees. That’s just gaslighting.

I use a Change Management approach along with my Modern Labour Activism work to help teachers and professors move BEYOND health and wellness gaslighting platitudes, so you can innovate your practice, engage your peers and mobilize for a better future, for you and your students. I’ve got your back: book my time here.