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E-B Strategy helps you have a more fulfilling work-life-vocation-volunteering balance,
and helps your organization develop deeper, richer communities and more effective stakeholder engagement.


Organizational Design
and Development

Goals and objectives

Strategic planning

Membership, Employee & Stakeholder
mapping and engagement

Strategic communications


The Path

Path Consultant

Executive coaching for the indispensable innovators and visionaries.

Optimizing your work-life-vocation-volunteering balance.

You work, pursue your vocation, volunteer to make the world a better place. And you need to balance all this with your life. Your Path is all about optimizing all of these facets of your life. When you hit the rapids, that's when you need to portage.

That's where I come in. I've got your back. I will help carry your canoe.

Click here for more Path Consulting details on the Hiking Path, Backcountry and Everest plans.

I've got your back
- Winslow Homer's 1897 "End of the Portage"


Keynote Speaker

1, 2, or 4 hour sessions for your class, conference, workshop or progressive community group:

Leadership, community involvement, divergent thinking, democracy, progressive social movements, neoliberal versus progressive economics, social and economic justice, economics for people instead of corporations

and...Designated Conference Responder, because INTENTIONALITY!

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Path Consulting:

  • "I have appreciated Stephen’s attentive listening as I chart my own path of interest and dreams. His regard to the complexity of achieving any real “work- life balance” is realistic and refreshing. I have appreciated his respect for personal values and humanistic insight into how we weave these into the work we choose to do. With rich conversation and humorous wit, he has helped to affirm confidence in my own best thinking."
    - Leanne
  • "Stephen has a wonderful vision for how to embed oneself in a strong community, how to become an engaged, fulfilled, contributing member. His understanding of the need for a healthy work-life balance can truly make a difference when planning transitions or trying to build a more meaningful life. Stephen is generous with his time and ideals and is wonderfully talented as a mentor and motivator."
    - Sasha
  • "I have known Stephen for many years. His advice and guidance has been invaluable to me, particularly when faced with tough decisions concerning the direction of my career. He is thoughtful, kind, and passionate about how we can all contribute to the greater good through our paid, and non-paid efforts. He truly believes the world can be a better place and has a special gift for connecting like-minded people working toward a perfect balance of life, love, career and contribution to society."
    - Alicia

Keynote Speaker:

  • "Stephen's keynote speech at OFHSA's 2015 conference was human, humorous, and inspiring. He skillfully engages his audience while challenging them to dig deep and define who they really are. Everyone left the speech with a better idea of their strengths and values, as well as a firm understanding of what Stephen looks like in acid-washed denim."
    - Anna Davey, Adelaide Hoodless Home and School Association

Organizational Development:

  • "Stephen has a way of establishing order and calm when you're embarking on new and unfamiliar territory. His wide-ranging knowledge and expertise provide great insight to organizations that need a little guidance. He is able to break down your next steps in development so that they seem less daunting and manageable for all parties involved. It has been such a relief to know that someone so knowledgeable and caring is there to help us as we continue to grow."
  • "Working with Stephen has freed me up to focus on what drives me to develop my business. He is a rare breed, he has a tremendous capacity to manage abundances of information, and then process and break that information down into manageable pieces. His diligence in developing processes and policies is flawless, supported further by his ability to comprehend and keep in focus the bigger picture: he not only sees the entire forest, he is also cognisant of all of the trees within."
  • "Stephen has been an important mentor to me in supporting and nurturing my relatively new, small business. He has given solid advice to me regarding how to promote my business through social media, he has shown me trends that my clients have as they engage with my website, social media and advertising efforts and he has been committed to connecting me and my business with significant other organizations to foster mutually beneficial relationships. I could not have made these significant promotional strides and networking connections without him! I can highly recommend Stephen--he is intentional, a big-picture thinker, a practical executor and a smart and safe advisor."
  • "Stephen is the type of person who has such an interest in what he does that he takes time out his busy schedule to help those of us who are just learning how to form new societies. His knowledge is incredible and his resources unlimited. He expresses himself so well and with such a caring spirit that it is obvious the community and those around him are of great importance in his life. I have immensely enjoyed working with Stephen and am so grateful for his support and encouragement."


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Phone: 778.803.7337

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Vancouver, at The Tipper

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Nanaimo, at Gina's Mexican Cafe

Ottawa, at The Scone Witch


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