Social Innovation Hub Inspiration, 1/5

Last Wednesday I spent the evening being rather impressed with a number of social enterprise groups at the Social Innovation Hub, run by UBC and Coast Capital Savings Credit Union.

In a world where it’s hard to pin down a non-cynical definition of “social enterprise,” Wednesday night was refreshingly simple. Each enterprise was deeply personable. Each had their story, a compelling narrative that resonated with the audience. Each knows that in the 21st century, we are increasingly more aware of the values inherent in our consumption. We gravitate towards those who share our values and away from those incapable of expressing values.

This week, I’m going to share with you the 5 groups who presented last week. I love what each of them is doing. And you likely will too!

First up on Wednesday night was…

Who: Nada Grocery, formerly Zero Waste Market
What: A market with no waste, because we all know packaging is out of control
Contact/Mailing List:

Promo: Brianne Miller founded Zero Waste Market [now Nada Grocery!] to combine her background as a marine mammal biologist and her passion for tackling food waste and plastic pollution, on container at a time! Zero Waste Market is transforming the way people shop for groceries by building a 100 per cent package-free retail model. At Zero Waste Market, customers bring their own reusable containers to purchase local, organic and ethically sourced whole foods and home items.

  1. If you know about the garbage patches floating around our oceans, this.
  2. If you are already into the mode of saying No Thank You to straws in restaurants, this.
  3. If you are sorting your recyclables and composting and find that your “garbage” back is almost entirely non-recyclable plastic, then this.

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