Incipe Workers’ Co-operative

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We work with cooperatives, social enterprises, and community groups to build a better world. We support the work you do within your communities, and help amplify your voice, build strong strategies, and expand your capacity to make a difference.

We use Prosci’s Change Management process to address how you can be intentional about planned–or forced–change.

When you work with the Incipe Cooperative, you’re drawing on the experiences of seven professionals with a wide variety of background, capacity, knowledge, and expertise. Expand your reach – let’s begin.

Social Economy Consulting

We’re passionate about the social economy, and we support social enterprises, co-ops, and nonprofits with our social economy consulting services. We can help you build a strong organization, engage your membership, and actively impact your community.

We’re a worker co-op

Worker co-ops are business organizations that are owned, managed, and operated democratically by the workers. Instead of an owner who owns the business and workers who operate it and generate profits for the owner, worker co-ops are controlled by the people who make them work.

We make a social impact

Social impact organizations and businesses are making a difference in communities across the world. We’re here to help you do just that.

We help nonprofits and businesses grow

We know that nonprofits and community-based enterprises build a better world in all kinds of different ways, and we’re thrilled to help them grow.

We help you make a difference

You want to make a positive difference in the world. You’re creating the change you seek. We’re here to help you make that change.

Phone: 778.803.7337