White People, Male People

Heyall, the podcasts have begun! White guys & everyone else, are welcome!
January 1, 2022
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Register for the January 24 , 2022 White People, Male People zoom gathering/check-in. It’s free, at 6:00-6:30pm Vancouver/Pacific Coast time.

January 1, 2022

Hello, and welcome to White People, Male People.

I’m Stephen Elliott-Buckley [HimHisHe], your host and tour guide.

This is an anti-racist, anti-sexist program for white guys to get better at moving from being an ally to an accomplice in fixing Toxic Masculinity and the White Patriarchy.

I’m going to be spending January 2022 covering a great many topics, one per day, about what all this means.

So, watch for:

  1. 31 short podcast episodes this month,
  2. Our Zoom events on January 10 and January 24, 2022, and
  3. The new White People, Male People course launching later this month.

The transcript for this episode is at ebStrategy.org/wpmp/pod.

And the White People, Male People program webpage is ebstrategy.org/wpmp.

Find us in Instagram @whitepeoplemalepeople.

So really, what is this program all about?

White people and male people are a key source and locus of oppression in our society, and historically. To fix this mess, we simply cannot rely on the emotional, social and political labour of the people we are oppressing with our systemic racism, toxic masculinity and white patriarchy.

WE need to do far more to identify these systems, examine where they came from, how they reproduce through the generations, how we personally and individually benefit from them…all so we can use the entitlements we have inherited to dismantle these perverse systems created generations and centuries ago by aristocratic, white, racist, colonialist, patriarchal, slave-owning greedy psychopaths.

But to start off, here’s the Basis for Unity, through which you are welcome to participate:

  1. People who are, or identify as, white and male are welcome here. This isn’t because we need to exclude people, but people who are white and male need particular help, in a safe space, to explore how to be less toxic, racist and sexist.
  2. Toxic masculinity and the white patriarchy are real and baked into our systems, governments, companies, organizations and institutions. So it is systemic. It is a scourge that we have inherited and currently benefit from, even if we don’t think we are. Even though we didn’t create it we still contribute to, and perpetuate it. We need to stop. This is the place where we learn how and practice.
  3. Based on 1 and 2, we cannot continue relying on the people victimized by toxic masculinity and the white patriarchy to save us or society, or to fix us. Following their lead is one thing, making them do the heavy lifting is quite another. We need to take that on. Starting now.
  4. We have social, economic and political entitlements, privilege and power that we can use to dismantle the systems of oppression that we have inherited. We have an obligation to spend and distribute these benefits to create more equality and justice.
  5. This is a feminist space, and more particularly an intersectional feminist space.
  6. This White People, Male People program is not a safe space for us to complain about how hard it is for men [it is, sure, the patriarchy has messed us up too], the myths of reverse racism and how people discriminate against white men, and generally how white guys suffer from so many things. Seriously, if you don’t see how toxic masculinity can be, or how white patriarchy exists in the world, you can move along.
  7. Finally, if this Basis of Unity doesn’t resonate with you, if you disagree with parts of it, or if you cannot be respectful, earnest and sincere in your work to improve, that’s fine, but you should find a more aligned community.

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